Ca'Pietra Recycled Pavers in Terracotta

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An impactful eco-friendly floor that doesn’t hold back on style, Recycled Brick Paver Terracotta is thoughtfully repurposed from old bricks in Europe. Use to create a rustic, lived in style with tonnes of character. These tiles are further enhanced by the wide tonal range from deep red to pale yellow, and the varying surface finish.

You will get variations between the batches you receive.

Sizes 12.5cm x 25cm and 6.5cm x 25cm
Thickness 25mm
Suitability Interior Floors
Finish Reclaimed and textured
Material Terracota
Sold By SQM
Sealing required Yes


Brick Size : 12.5cm x 25cm

Parquet Size : 6.5cm x 25cm

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