Tissino Esclusiva Idro Shower Glass in Brushed Brass

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Tissino Esclusiva Idro Shower Glass in Brushed Brass :

What makes the perfect shower experience? For some, it’s the gentle sound of running water – a sound that can ease away the day’s stresses and strains.

For others it’s the chance to retreat into a closed world of relaxation and comfort. And for most, the sense of washing away worries and emerging refreshed is definitely something to be savoured.

Whatever your personal take on what makes a great shower, our Idro collection of high-quality shower glass is sure to complement the experience. Offering crystal clear protection along with impressive good looks, this is a collection of 8mm-toughened glass panels that benefit from our Brillo Vetro water repellent coating – a helping hand when it comes to keeping your shower gleaming.

This can be fitted to the floor or a shower tray and are wet room compatible – and come with a reassuring five-year guarantee.

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