Royal Stair Rods Royale Beaumont

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Royal Stair Rods  - the Stairrods UK Royal range are triangular brass stair rods in the traditional style, designed specifically to give your staircase a finishing touch that will get noticed. Suitable for either runner stair carpets or fully fitted. Royale stair rods are made to measure and will give any stair case an imposing, classical look.

Available in 10 colours. 

Antique, Antique Bronze, Black, Brass, Brushed Chrome, Chrome, Pewter, Polished Nickel & Satin Brass & Satin Nickel.

These products are made to order and you will need to contact us and advise us of the width you require.

Guidelines for Carpet Runner

  • These are available for either a runner carpet or fully fitted.
  • Made to measure - we recommend you add 15cm to the width of your carpet and use this measurement to give you the tip length of the stair rod.
  • Standard runner bracket clearance is 10mm.

Guidelines for Fully Fitted Carpet

  • Depending on the width of the stair we recommend that you leave a 2.5 - 5cm gap between the stringboard and the tip of the rod at both sides of the staircase.